Financial Planning

MYMONEY offers professional Wealth Management services to clients across the globe.

With services and products including but not exclusive to retirement, estate and inheritance planning, as well DK pension information and lump sum and regular contribution investment, we can help you create, administer and maintain a tailor-made strategic plan to work towards your specific current money needs and long-term financial goals.

Our financial advisors will provide a personal approach and bespoke advice which is built on your individual circumstances. You will be assigned a dedicated wealth manager / financial planner who will update you every step of the way, keeping you informed via quarterly reviews, monthly update emails and more.

Investment Strategies

We provide capital markets knowledge and investment expertise to our clients across every asset class and region.

Planning for Transformative Wealth
In today’s ever-changing investment landscape, portfolio diversification remains a cornerstone strategy for investors seeking to achieve their financial goals while managing risk effectively.

BUT diversification isn’t just about spreading investments across different asset classes; it’s about intelligent, strategic allocations aimed to minimize risk while maximizing returns.
Let’s recall why it’s crucial:

  • Risk Mitigation:
    By spreading investments across various assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and alternative investments, we can reduce the impact of any single asset’s underperformance on the overall portfolio. This helps cushion against market downturns and unexpected events, ensuring more stable returns over time.
  • Enhanced Stability:
    Diversification helps smooth out the volatility inherent in individual assets. A well-diversified portfolio is less susceptible to drastic fluctuations in value, providing investors with a greater sense of security and peace of mind, especially during turbulent market conditions.
  • Optimized Returns:
    While diversification aims to minimize risk, it also opens doors to new opportunities for growth. By including a mix of assets with different return profiles, investors can potentially achieve higher risk-adjusted returns over the long term, optimizing the overall performance of the portfolio.
  • Adaptability to Market Changes:
    Market dynamics are constantly evolving, making it essential for investors to remain agile. Diversification enables portfolios to adapt to changing market conditions and economic environments, ensuring resilience and long-term sustainability.

The Rise of Ideological Investing
It is now possible to incorporate investors’ Environmental, Social Governance (ESG) requirements into their wealth management plan. We offer free, independent guidance to clients on socially responsible investing.

Investors, especially the younger generations, are more inclined to align their investments with their personal values and worldviews. This trend is reflected in the growing interest in companies that demonstrate social responsibility, and investors are now willing to prioritize ideological alignment over traditional financial metrics like alpha and beta.

Nowadays, high-net-worth clients are progressively more inclined to consider digital tools for their wealth management. The steady rise in business interactions through digital channels is here to stay.

At MYMONEY, we help our clients uncover the deeper purpose behind their wealth. We recognize that many Bitcoiners are ideological about their investments, especially those who have been involved for several years. These individuals often possess a long-term vision for their wealth, viewing it as a means to not only secure their own futures but also to make a positive impact on their families and communities. Our goal is to help these clients strategically plan for the future, ensuring that their Bitcoin wealth is managed and preserved in a way that aligns with their values and aspirations.

We are also witnessing remarkable advancements on secondary layers within the Bitcoin network. Bitcoin core developers are continually innovating to enhance the scalability and transaction capacity of the network, allowing it to perform a broader range of functions. These developments not only increase Bitcoin’s utility but also have the potential to significantly boost its value.

Tax Optimizing and Ensuring your Digital Assets
Possible?; Indeed. The tougher part?; Having critical conversations with your loved ones.

  • How to ensure your tokens can be accessed
  • Structuring your digital wealth
  • Preparing for what happens when you pass

Our clients often find these discussions daunting but vital for a comprehensive plan. Our advisors will help you talk about how to tackle these important conversations with ease and secure your digital legacy.

Due to our holistic approach MYMONEY also offers to help clients plan for these risks through global custodial relationships and structures, such as trusts in the Cook Islands or foundation companies in Switzerland. These structures can protect Bitcoin assets from regulatory reach while allowing clients to maintain control and benefit from their investments.

If you’d like to find out more about us and how we can help you, please get in touch. Please drop us an email or use the contact form.

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